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For brokers and clients to trade luxury goods.

Smart Contracts Based on Blockchain

For brokers and owners trade high-end goods.

LuxuryDistrict platform based on smart contract - with blockchain as security technology - eliminates inefficiencies in the traditional contract management model, providing the following benefits:

Trust: Blockchain and smart contract bring trust to luxury marketing platforms, allowing brokers and clients to trade with confidence.

Transparency: Blockchain stores all trades in a distributed ledger accessible to everyone, thus promoting transparency.


Immutability: The immutable smart contract prevents companies, brokers and customers from making any changes to their systems once they have been defined.


Real-time transactions: the smart contract automates payments on the LuxuryDistrict platform and conducts transactions in real time.

Luxury Smart Contracts Agency in Malibu CA
Technical Cofounder Incubator for Startups

Luxury District is an enriching addition to our company’s portfolio and we know that with our active and passionate team of developers who can get this innovative idea from the ground and build a strong startup.

Hesham Zreik, CEO FasterCapital