Do you know my beach house in Malibu?

Built in 2011, the first time I saw it, I bought at that moment something much more than a dream, but a perfect property to live.

The MariSol Showcase Estate, masterfully designed by Barry Berkus, A.I.A., recognized for decades as one of the country’s most influential and innovative luxury residential architects, sets the benchmark of design excellence for the entire community.

This house is really amazing and at the time of writing this blog I am simply mesmerized by its excellent architecture, something that always happens to me when I am just watching and delighted each time I see it. Soon I invite you to enjoy a barbecue day with good beers to celebrate this wonder. I'll be back here to update my thoughts on her, but you can find out her whole story by visiting the developer's website, Marisol Malibu.

I think my buying decision came when I watched the original video of the house, known as Marisol Malibu Showcase Estate, the music and the scenes are inspiring.

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