Flying high, fast and well-being on the new Gulfstream G700

I've always been in love with Gulfstream aircraft, but I was missing something for more than I didn't know what it was, so they launched the G700 and I said: just perfect!

The All-New Gulfstream G700
The All-New Gulfstream G700

The industry’s new flagship Gulfstream G700 completed its first flight on February 14, 2020, bringing the future of aviation one step closer. The G700 delivers the most spacious, innovative and flexible cabin in the industry, plus all-new, high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines and the award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck™.

I invite you to take a trip: take a deep breath and imagine yourself inside the all-new G700.

This wonderful aircraft has up to 5 living areas, watch the video to step inside the all-new G700.

Did you feel like seeing more? Watch this video and take a full tour throughout the new aircraft.

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