5 Generations & 105 years of eyewear excellence, Moscot.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Moscot is a five-generation, American luxury eyewear brand, headquartered in New York City, specializing in optical frames and sunglasses. It was founded in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in 1915 by Hyman Moscot, which makes it one of the oldest local businesses in New York City, as well as the 21st oldest eyewear company in the world still operating today. With stores worldwide and after 100 years and NYC, the company opened its newest store in Los Angeles at 7977 Melrose Avenue.

Luxury Eyewear Store Los Angeles
Moscot 7977 Melrose Avenue, LA

A piece of New York is now on the West Coast!

Video The Moscot Eyewear Story

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