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  • The Luxury District Club
    Jul 07, 7:00 PM
    Join our online fundraising event for our legal incorporation and professional development of our startup in Malibu, CA.

What is your next event? And when?

We do and cover events that drive new business.

We are a luxury event marketing agency focused on covering local and world-class events. Our influencers are specialized in product launches and networking at industry events.

If you are looking for a team to produce or cover luxury events, passionate about building relationships with customers and partners to drive new business ... welcome to the club!

At LuxuryDistrict your event keeps happening even after the closing, as we use the content of images and videos to create social paid media ads, attracting more customers to you.


Events start from offline to online!

We meet with your customers wherever they are.

The world spins. Soon we will be safe and ready to move the biggest local and world-class events. But you or your business no longer need to wait and leave your lost customers out there watching meaningless lives on Instagram.

At LuxuryDistrict we can create the experience of live events with virtual events, making our team available to work exclusively on an event model specific to your business.

If you need an influencer or broker to visit a client, industry events and even start an online meeting, we can do it together. Imagine that open house, air show, yacht show and other luxury events in 2021? We do!


We cover events to create paid media ads, controlling your budget until the deal closes and sharing stories to attract new customers.


Let's organize together your ideas, location, deadlines and budget.


The media team will attend your event, we also offer our studio.

LAUNCH 2 x 1

After 24 hours we launched to reach 2 million consumers in 1 year.


Trusted transactions from smart contracts with blockchain security.

Luxury Event Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Valter and his #LuxuryDistrict team are extremely professional and a pleasure to do business with. Pleasure to be a part of this journey and can't wait to see Valter and his company take LA luxury market by storm.

Diana Marks, Influencer