When out of work or swimming, they are on social media or searching the web.

Luxury Social Media Advertising Agency in Los Angeles

Social Media Advertising 

We like to work with Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

We create ads tailored to your audience, with text and visual resources working in harmony with the purpose of your ad. This includes incorporating a call to action with a short message that brings value to the audience that will see your offer on Facebook or Instagram.

But we also like to work with Linkedin, as it works very well to reach a professional audience, and can for example attract a company or a specific person to become your client. 


If you need help creating or optimizing your business page, sharing your content or expanding your network, we take advantage of videos from events to create advertising content that generates engagement and new business.

Whatever your ad platform, we control your budget from the start, improving ad performance with the goal of generating sales for you.


Search Engine Marketing

We like to work with Google Adwords.

Google Ads is the most effective way to find customers ready to buy. We create ads from competitor and market analysis, so that your ads also appear in high traffic areas.


Investing in PPC ads is an opportunity to improve your positioning in local searches, since your potential customers are already looking for what you offer, knowing your products or services through links and applications available in your ad.


To help you get qualified leads, we create strategic and relevant ads with the content and use of keywords, monitoring campaign performance and controlling your budget for best results.


We create ads that capture the attention of your target audience, working with graphics, text or images consistent with the purpose of your ad, appearing, for example, to a potential customer watching a luxury video on Youtube.

Luxury Search Engine Marketing Agency in Los Angeles
Luxury Advertising Agency in Los Angeles by Diana Marks

Valter and his #LuxuryDistrict team are extremely professional and a pleasure to do business with. Pleasure to be a part of this journey and can't wait to see Valter and his company take LA luxury market by storm.

Diana Marks, Influencer